We are here to help provide guidance throughout the entire project

Choosing A Property

This will determine whether or not a car wash business will thrive.

Analyze Lot Size

To determine if a car wash can fit on a particular lot size.


Zoning must be verified with city or town if car wash can be permitted.

Verify Any Setbacks

Thoroughly check to see if anything is missing or setbacks with the city.


To determine if there is any direct competition in and around proposed car wash location.

Feasibility & Traffic Study

Feasibility study will be conducted to see if business will be successful. Traffic patterns are an important indicator of a prime location.

Types Of Car Wash

Choose from Self-serve, Tunnel Wash (conveyor) or Roll-Over (in-Bay Automatic). All 3 can be stand alone.

Additional Business

Related services including detailing, lube shop, convenience stores etc.

Budget & Pricing

There are many considerations that can affect the costs at your site and it will vary based on the size of the car wash and the location.

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