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E Fusion Car Wash


The eFusion is the customer’s choice soft touch wash system. It is designed to effectively clean a vehicle using our unique SparkleSoft wash material. The eFusion is programmable to fit your wash needs. Every unit is equipped with 3 SparkleSoft brushes, Foaming Prewash, Entrance Signs, Web Enabled Computer Monitoring and all stainless steel construction.


Water Wizard 2.0

The Water Wizard 2.0 is the premier touch-free In-Bay Automatic system. The specially designed wash boom with high impact zero oscillating nozzles will rotate and attack the dirt on the from and rear of the vehicle

MacNeil Tunnel Wash

MacNeil Tunnel Wash

As the leader in tunnel car wash systems, MacNeil has built upon years of engineering excellence to provide you with the fastest, quietest, safest and most reliable tunnel car wash available industry-wide. Regardless if you’re upgrading a current system or this is your first time in the car wash industry, MacNeil has consistently outperformed our competition

Coleman Hanna Super Saver

Coleman & Hanna Super Saver 2500

Coleman & Hanna’s Super Saver Model 2500 self serve pumping equipment is the operator’s choice. Loaded with the most advanced technology in the industry, this system can deliver an outstanding performance as well as give you years of trouble-free service.

CustomKraft VFD Belt Driven1

Custom Kraft Variable Frequency Drive

CustomKraft’s variable frequency drive system reduces components and increases versatility, allowing up to eight different adjustable motor speeds. The system is manufactured in both a stacked and bench style configuration.

wood bros water softner

Wood Bros Water Softner

Wood Bros’ Reverse Osmosis water softener is the most effective and economical way to provide your family with high quality drinking water. Reverse Osmosis is a process by which water molecules are forced by your household water pressure through a semi-permeable membrane.

Fragmatics Vacuum


Since 1978, Fragmatics has manufactured innovative and quality vacuums. They have become market leaders of self-service car care equipment and supplies.

Coleman Hanna Vacuum

Coleman Hanna Vacuum

Coleman & Hanna has a wide selection of vacuum units including single vacuums, air units, central vacuum systems, and many more! No matter what your needs are, chances are we will have the perfect vacuum for your site.

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