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Nolan Hill Car Wash

Is located in the northwest of Calgary in the community of Nolan Hill. This project will be the biggest car wash in the city.

GM Cochrane

This brand new, state-of-the-art auto dealership is located in Cochrane, Alberta. We have supplied and installed a brand new drive-thru machine.

Enterprise Car Club

Drive-Thru Automatic Tunnel

Lacombe Petro Car Wash

Finished this project right before spring 2022. It is a petro canada with an automatic drive thru.

Chestermere Car Wash

Situated in the community and right in the middle of the residential community Kinninburgh. We will supply a drive-thru machine along with self-serve.

Okotoks Alberta Car Wash

Sud’s Car Wash is located north of Calgary, in Okotoks, Alberta. In 2008, the car wash had a total of 7 self-serve bays and a truck/RV with 4 self-serve bays. We started development in June 2008 for the following projects:
  • Additional 4 bays (coin/card operated)
  • Touch-less Wash (80 cars/hr)
  • Dog Wash (1 station)
By October June 2010, all projects were completed.

Black Diamond Car Wash

Black Diamond Car Wash is located north of Calgary, in Black Diamond, Alberta. In February 2016, we started development of the following projects:
  • 6 self-serve bays (coin/card operated)
  • 1 In-bay Automatic Wash (80 cars/hr)
  • 2 lube shop bays
  • 1 Truck/RV bay
By January 2017, all projects were completed.

Red Deer Alberta Car Wash

A unique car wash located adjacent the Queen Elizabeth Highway. The car wash offers 10 Self-serve bays, 2 Truck/RV with elevated platforms, and 1 drive-thru automatic
  • Fusion X (Soft-touch and Touch-less)

McKnight Car Wash

This 20+ year old car wash recently upgraded one of their tandem bays into a full operating lube shop, with 2 bays. This was done by CCWS and lube shop is fully operational today. A few years prior, the facility upgraded their self-serve equipment and added the Super Saver from Coleman Hanna.
  • Coleman Hanna (Super Saver)

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